Sample Agenda


The Leader’s First Responsibility
Building a shared vision, needing not compliance but true commitment to the goals and objectives of the company or a project. Establishing and sustaining an organizational culture that compliments the ultimate vision.

Everything Starts and Ends with People
The leader must first lead himself – then teach those they lead to lead themselves. Before people can really be effective they must have their own life mastered.

There’s Nowt Sae Strange As Folk
What motivates people like us? How are we different and how do we make decisions? This awareness can profoundly help our communication and interaction with each other.

Complex Communication
How do we ever communicate if we don’t listen? What are some of the beliefs we have that cause us to not communicate effectively? This session explores mental models and creates a profound awareness of the necessity of always being aware of our thoughts and how important our thinking is to the way we treat people.



The Only Way To Negotiate
The negotiation between an owner and a contractor is not like buying a car, not even close. This session covers negotiation and the necessity of understanding the partisan perceptions that must be acknowledged if a negotiation is to be truly successful.

Problems and the Systems that Cause Them
An interesting look at how we attack problems as we see them versus how they really are. We discuss ways to look beneath the surface to find the underlying issues that cause major problems. This interesting hour offers concrete ways of problem solving that is sure to remain with participants for a long time.

Leaders Maximizing Team Success
Almost nothing is accomplished by an individual alone – things happen in teams or groups of people. This session covers how we can take the best of organizational teams and use those motivators on a project or a functional area within a unit.

The Owner and Contractor Team Dynamic
Dialogue and discussion concerning today’s projects: the good, the not so good, and the bad.  Why do some go well and some not so well?  What are the common denominators?

Effective Leadership
The focus of this session is the role of the Leader from day-to-day on a Partnered Project or in any role of leadership. Some of the subjects covered are effective meetings, selecting key people, the importance of form in communication, listening and the importance in the way people are treated.

Stories to Remember and Share
Stories can be memorable and helpful.  The seminar finishes with take-home antidotes to be remembered, retold, and continued.