Partnering Workshops

GettyImages_469658497The Pinnacle Leadership Group’s Partnering Workshops are unlike any other in the Construction & Transportation Industries. Our customized workshops ensure that each project is treated like the first one.

The idea that the Owner and the Contractor of a major project can come together and plan how to communicate the project is more important than ever. Only with an open and honest line of communication can ideas flow that will save a project time and money.

Our partnering workshops focus on setting goals for the project by those that will be working on it. These goals are useless if not measured and assessed regularly. We set up a program for measurement and action.

The Pinnacle Leadership Group wants what you want: a quality project that finishes on-time and on-budget with the Contractor making money and with NO ACCIDENTS. Our Partnering Workshops will help the stakeholders create a plan to make that one goal happen.

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